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It's word by word Truely Story

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I was born 16 October 1978, the third largest city of  Pakistan in Faisalabad 
Though my parents' belonged Province of Pakistan Khyber Pashtun kua A small From Swabi district. but my father was worked in this city.I was born at home instead of hospital. And Cerebral palsy due to lack of oxygen appropriate disease Happened. Unfortunately Our Country about the disease Being completely unaware that my disease became worse.
Someone Doctor tells the polio disease And anyone says to the convulsions.When I was ten years old. Then a doctor at Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Dr. Khalid Jamil My report Send to England. There found that the disease is named ceebral palsy. The After this disease Treatment began. 

But by then my legs And right hand much more severe muscle and joint of the right hand were cranked. I Unlike normal children nearly 12 years old Normal children entered school. But unfortunately only to the primary Could studied .My father was retired from service in the 1994. After my father's retirement in his hometown village were shifted.
As My educational journey is only 4 years. But four years of my life Beautiful was the year. Then I known in real life so sweet Is. I made lots of friends in school . Every evening They took out of my house and We played cricket. I sat in my wheelchair was bating. We were flying kites in spring season.. My life was going very nice . . But I did not know that a difficult The time is coming up. someone excellent says that luck is not anyone focus of . .. Same with me .........

These days  Surgeon a bone Dr. Aftab Ahmed met my father .He said that If his muscles of both legs to be operated. So it will be able to stand on own feet .  My father fell for her sweet. And own all the money Which were found on their retirement.He Given to doctor. After my operation Plaster on my feet was surmount. That nearly two years, surmounting. And I'm lying in bed for two years. 
It Was a painful time of my life Because a plaster on my legs due to used to lie down in a position and second all day alone in a room to stay in bed lay I was very biled . Meanwhile, my mother had died.It was more like my loneliness . all day Me and my sister lived alone in the house . She works all day at home And I had lived alone in a room .The plaster on my leg two years due to All my muscles were worse stricted  And it was become difficult for me to sleep. My family took to me high sleeping pills .Even the i became addicted to tablets .I could not sleep without these tablets.  
Removable plaster after my both legs In had severe pain .From Thereafter until I have to tie my legs straight..

My elder brother to me Own Medical Stores Began to take . There my elder brother To teach me accounting . A few days later that I was able to I Own elder brother Able to store all accounts .Now I was busy all day pass .There I Once again made many friends . I had learned a lot from these friends . especially karamat shah and Habib-e-Rahman my very good friends. I have to him english learned and use computer. Because my condition was such that I learn all this in a school. 
After my older brother's wedding His wife she did not like me .Especially after the death of my father .She full Used try Give me a way out of the house.Therefore My older brother back pain as an excuse to send To me Faisalabad other brothers tried to. At this time my other brothers There was no way to manage satisfactory.Nor There was no one to take care of me .Because my brother was studying in college and Other Pharmaceutical business was started . Therefore they were both out of the house all day .When my older brother and his wife made me very teased .Then My brother Amjad his Business The village had to come out .Those four years We were both brothers very difficult to .For one My brother Amjad Was unemployed .And second way we like our older brother's wife Methods used to persecuted .My heart wanted to suicide many times .I appointed myself guilty My brother this condition .
After my brother Waqas graduated he got a good job and the seasonally Amjad opened the Medical Store in the village. 
I thought the hard times Is over .But no. I was wrong. Now a most difficult time was to come.My Both brothers started searched girls for marriage. But my elder bother's wife her used try our best .My Both brothers could not married.
I do not know why she of us have so much hates.Well. for my brother Waqas  A girl like my sisters  .But our financial conditions were not such Us separate the two brothers' weddings to make. So they wanted to marry both together.like this becomes a savings .But whenever any girl likes to Amjad .So somehow Makes not to reason . at last a girl of that age was older to  Amjad .So my sisters and Waqas chose for Amjad .But only after 6 months, Amjad and his wife was separation .The time of marriage contract gold 15 tuly And two hundred thousand were filed .But us were not such a big amount .when my Brother his Father in law was very teased/sticked even tried to killed his. My brother was forced to leave the village.And once again discontinued his business would .My brother moved to Faisalabad.And thereby I also had to come Faisalabad .Now 4 years in a locked room I had lonely .Once again I had to be separated from all my friends .
Now I Everything have hate .Even To myself .Before i had to pray five times .Now I have stopped praying and other worship .I feel that God there is no existence.Just We Muslims Are Without seeing running after a shadow. I thinking whole day Is such my what fault? Such the helplessness of  i am living that life ?I know. you all will say .This is a test or challenge from God..Just We Muslims We like to say a few phrases, give false assurances to our hearts .But my heart still does not believe these points. 33 Years Is too long period. i am in prison to a room of four years. I have eight to nine hours.Urine or pee stop Have .all day This wait goes on Someone came To me Urine or pee To do it. my All day In trouble goes. It seems Like now my bladder would be burst.
More what I write? Thus my story Whoever read .It is my request to you all .That they  To pray  for my  dying .

So This brazenfaced life I could get rid ........................

Please write a few comments in down past ,what do you think about my story and my poetry.
And let me Suggest you, what should i do ? 
Maybe your few text change my life

Thanks for reading my story.

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